Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drinking Game: Beer Pong Baseball

Simple basics of beer pong. Two teams on either side of the ping pong table. Each team can consist of up to 9 players. Each teams needs 5 cups and a lot of beer handy to keep the game rolling.
Both sides line four cups up vertically in a straight line from the back of the table on the center line. The fifth cup is placed at either side of the table near the net, this is the steal cup.
Each team creates a lineup. The game goes 9 innings, each inning having three outs. The first person in the lineup throws at the opposing cups. If it hits in the first cup, that player gets a single, a man is considered on first, and that cup must be drank and refilled before the next batter. This sequence continues with each cup, the fourth cup being a home run. Runners are advanced like normal baseball. A missed shot is an out.
To steal a base, a designated runner from each team streaks to the cup placed near the net. An opposing player must react in the same way. The first to drink the beer and successfully flip the cup as in flippy cup wins. If the offense wins, a base is stolen. If defense wins, its an out and loss of a base runner. Of course, there must be someone on base to steal.
Play until the 10-run rule or 9 innings.

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